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Westwood Realty Plus Inc Services are one of best you can find in Richmond Hill. What you will gain by hiring Westwood Realty Plus Inc. in Richmond Hill Toronto as a real estate broker is that, we make sure that your property gets maximal exposure on the market. We will invest our expert knowledge as well as provide access to a group of specialists that will ensure a smooth transaction. We will invest our own time and money in marketing your property, and the only way for us to get any positive return on this investment is to successfully sell your property. That’s motivation!
We know how to close the transaction, how to deal with Inspections by the buyer’s side and the bank representatives, insurance, conflict resolution, interactions with the municipality, land registrar, notary, etc.

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  • “For Sale” signs
  • Color feature sheet
  • Cooperation with buyers’ agents
  • Advertising in multimedia (including MLS)
  • Spheres of influence (networking)
  • Access to real-estate publications
  • Backing by an established brokerage firm
  • Professional knowledge of real estate industry, laws and regulations